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Class _Switch

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_AbstractParameter --+

Represent an optional argument switch for a program.

This holds UNIXish options like -kimura in clustalw which don't
take a value, they are either included in the command string
or omitted.

o names -- a list of string names (typically two entries) by which
the parameter can be set via the legacy set_parameter method
(eg ["-a", "--append", "append"]). The first name in list is used
when building the command line. The last name in the list is a
"human readable" name describing the option in one word. This
must be a valid Python identifer as it is used as the property
name and as a keyword argument, and should therefore follow PEP8

o description -- a description of the option. This is used as
the property docstring.

o is_set -- if the parameter has been set

NOTE - There is no value attribute, see is_set instead,

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, names, description) source code
Return the value of this option for the commandline.
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Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, names, description)

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Overrides: _AbstractParameter.__init__

(Informal representation operator)

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Return the value of this option for the commandline.

Includes a trailing space.

Overrides: _AbstractParameter.__str__