Bio :: GenBank :: RecordParser :: Class RecordParser
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Class RecordParser

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object --+

Parse GenBank files into Record objects (OBSOLETE).

Direct use of this class is discouraged, and may be deprecated in
a future release of Biopython.

Please use the Bio.GenBank.parse(...) or functions

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__init__(self, debug_level=0)
Initialize the parser.
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parse(self, handle)
Parse the specified handle into a GenBank record.
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__init__(self, debug_level=0)

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Initialize the parser.

o debug_level - An optional argument that species the amount of
debugging information the parser should spit out. By default we have
no debugging info (the fastest way to do things), but if you want
you can set this as high as two and see exactly where a parse fails.

Overrides: object.__init__