Package Bio :: Package UniGene :: Module UniGene :: Class UniGeneParser
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Class UniGeneParser

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markupbase.ParserBase --+    
       sgmllib.SGMLParser --+

Instance Methods [hide private]
Reset this instance.
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parse(self, handle) source code
feed(self, handle)
Feed some data to the parser.
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handle_data(self, newtext) source code
start_a(self, attrs) source code
end_a(self) source code
start_b(self, attrs) source code
end_b(self) source code
extract_key(self) source code
start_table(self, attrs) source code
end_table(self) source code
start_tr(self, attrs) source code
end_tr(self) source code
start_td(self, attrs) source code
end_td(self) source code
print_item(self, item, level=1) source code
print_tags(self) source code

Inherited from sgmllib.SGMLParser: __init__, close, convert_charref, convert_codepoint, convert_entityref, error, finish_endtag, finish_shorttag, finish_starttag, get_starttag_text, goahead, handle_charref, handle_comment, handle_decl, handle_endtag, handle_entityref, handle_pi, handle_starttag, parse_endtag, parse_pi, parse_starttag, report_unbalanced, setliteral, setnomoretags, unknown_charref, unknown_endtag, unknown_entityref, unknown_starttag

Inherited from sgmllib.SGMLParser (private): _convert_ref

Inherited from markupbase.ParserBase: getpos, parse_comment, parse_declaration, parse_marked_section, unknown_decl, updatepos

Inherited from markupbase.ParserBase (private): _parse_doctype_attlist, _parse_doctype_element, _parse_doctype_entity, _parse_doctype_notation, _parse_doctype_subset, _scan_name

Class Variables [hide private]

Inherited from sgmllib.SGMLParser: entity_or_charref, entitydefs

Inherited from sgmllib.SGMLParser (private): _decl_otherchars

Method Details [hide private]


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Reset this instance. Loses all unprocessed data.

Overrides: markupbase.ParserBase.reset

feed(self, handle)

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Feed some data to the parser.

        Call this as often as you want, with as little or as much text
        as you want (may include '
').  (This just saves the text,
        all the processing is done by goahead().)

Overrides: sgmllib.SGMLParser.feed
(inherited documentation)

handle_data(self, newtext)

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Overrides: sgmllib.SGMLParser.handle_data