[BioPython] Lowess function for nonparametric regression

Brad Chapman chapmanb at uga.edu
Thu May 6 12:11:21 EDT 2004

Hi Michiel;

> I had a look at the other modules under Bio. There are a couple of 
> supervised learning routines there, but they wouldn't fit well as part of a 
> Bio.Statistics module. 

Right, supervised learning stuff mostly -- you're right, my fault.

> However, there are a couple of other 
> statistics-related routines that would be nice to have in Biopython (e.g. 
> routines to estimate probability density functions or alternative 
> non-parametric regression models). So I would argue for a Bio.Statistics 
> module containing the Lowess function for now and hopefully other routines 
> later, but keep the existing modules under Bio where they are.

This sounds great to me. I just wanted to avoid having 18 different
modules under Bio doing different statistical work, and also desired
to make statistics code easy to find. So yeah, +1 from me on adding
a Bio.Statistics module with the Lowess function. Go right on ahead
and commit away.


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