[BioPython] Locating setup.py

Peter biopython at maubp.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Feb 8 05:03:33 EST 2006

 > But I still can't find this setup.py, could the reason be that I
 > downloaded the biopython using the Windows Installer and so it doesn't
 > contain the compiler?!

OK, I understand now.

If you get the BioPython 1.41 ZIP file (or the TAR.GZ file) they contain 
all the source code (both python and c), plus the build files like 
setup.py, and the biopython tests:


If you download the Windows installation program, you ONLY get the bare 
minimum.  You don't get the c source to anything (you get pre-compiled 
binaries instead), you don't get the setup.py (because you don't need 
it), and you also don't get the test cases.

As you want to compile BioPython, you should download the ZIP file.

Most Windows people just want to use BioPython, and don't even have a 
compiler.  They should use the Windows Installer program.

I hope that explains things.


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