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Note: People are listed here alphabetically by surname.

Name Sebastian Bassi
Affiliation Universidad Nacional de Quilmes
Location Balcarce, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Uses Python for Bioinformatics and data manipulation
Work/Research Interests IT Manager Advanta Seeds in Balcarce Research Station
Biopython Contributions LCC and primer Tm calculation function
Relevant URL

Name Jeffrey Chang
Affiliation Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke University
Location Durham, NC
Uses Python for Eating spam
Work/Research Interests Bioinformatics
Biopython Contributions Co-Founder
Relevant URL

Name Brad Chapman
Affiliation Massachusetts General Hospital
Location Boston, MA
Biopython Contributions Docs, GenBank, BioSQL
Relevant URL

Name Peter Cock
E-mail See my web page
Affiliation Plant Pathology, SCRI; previously MOAC Doctoral Training Centre, University of Warwick
Location Dundee, Scotland, UK
Uses Python for Bioinformatics, controlling R with rpy, ...
Work/Research Interests Bacterial signalling, genomics
Biopython Contributions Sequence parsing including Bio.SeqIO, Bio.AlignIO, our BioSQL interface, and documentation
Relevant URL and

Name Andrew Dalke
Affiliation Dalke Scientific Software, LLC
Location Santa Fe, NM
Uses Python for Just about anything
Work/Research Interests Large-scale usable systems for scientists
Biopython Contributions Co-Founder, Seq, Martel, indexing, EUtils, patterns, parsing, ...
Relevant URL

Name Michiel de Hoon
E-mail See my web page
Affiliation RIKEN Omics Science Center
Location Yokohama
Uses Python for High-throughput data analysis & Scientific visualization
Work/Research Interests RNA Genomics
Biopython Contributions Bio.Cluster; Bio.Entrez; Windows installer
Relevant URL

Name Iddo Friedberg
E-mail idoerg "at"
Affiliation The Burnham Institute
Location La-Jolla, CA, USA
Uses Python for Maintaining World Domination
Work/Research Interests Structural Bioinformatics
Biopython Contributions SubsMat, FSSP, bits of Align, bits of the Manual, and a lot of silly questions to the lists
Relevant URL

Name Christian Gunning
E-mail bioboy at uga dot edu
Affiliation human, mountain
Location Athens, GA
Uses Python for strings, as glue; also on laundry and dirty dishes
Work/Research Interests arabidopsis; Biological Sequence Analysis, Durbin et al.; Primer3;; R programming language and
Biopython Contributions
Relevant URL

Name Thomas Hamelryck
E-mail thamelry - binf ku dk
Affiliation University of Copenhagen
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Uses Python for Annoying FORTRAN programmers
Work/Research Interests Structural bioinformatics
Biopython Contributions Bio.PDB, KDTree, SVDSuperimposer
Relevant URL

Name Michael Hoffman
E-mail grouse at alumni period utexas period net
Affiliation The University of Texas at Austin
Location Austin, TX, USA
Uses Python for Biopython!
Work/Research Interests RNA, Genome annotations
Biopython Contributions Bio.GFF, Bio.DocSQL
Relevant URL

Name Frank Kauff
E-mail fkauff at biologie uni-kl de
Affiliation University of Kaiserslautern
Location Kaiserslautern, Germany
Uses Python for Phylogenetics and everything else
Work/Research Interests Phylogenetics and all that's related, Fungi, Lichens, Cyanobacteria
Biopython Contributions Phd, Ace, Nexus (mostly with C. Cox)
Relevant URL

Name Chris Lasher
Affiliation Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
Location Blacksburg, VA
Uses Python for Putting the joy back in programming
Work/Research Interests Bacterial genomics
Biopython Contributions Subversion migration
Relevant URL

Name Bartek Wilczyński
Affiliation Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Science
Location Warsaw, Poland
Uses Python for most of his computations
Work/Research Interests mathematical models of gene regulation
Biopython Contributions Bio.AlignAce
Relevant URL

Name Harry Zuzan
Affiliation Genome Quebec
Location Montreal
Uses Python for you name it
Work/Research Interests Statistics applied to molecular biology and genetics
Biopython Contributions Affy package for Affymetrix data
Relevant URL
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